The Social Side Of Strictly

Strictly has sadly come to an end, another very successful show yet again. What joy it brings, especially when the autumn nights are drawing in, we have Strictly with all the glitz, fabulous dancing, and music to enjoy. The varied abilities of the contestants in the early weeks then see them flourish in to beautiful dancers, the standard gets higher each year.

Ballroom dancing for the great majority is primarily a social pastime, we cannot give eight hours a day to learning how to dance. So, we tone down what we see on Strictly, in an hour a week over time you can become a well accomplished dancer. Dancing is not limited to a particular age group, all ages can and do enjoy the hobby of learning this new skill.

You need very few basics of the core dances to enjoy an evening/afternoon of dancing. It is not the number of figures you learn it is how you develop the smart carriage of the body that counts. The carriage and balance will be achieved with practise just like the Strictly contestants, repetition is also key to learning to dance.

As a beginner the Waltz is a good start, getting used to changing feet with no rise and fall and steps not taken too big.
Only when the basics are covered that you might introduce footwork, sway, and a stronger lateral swing which the Waltz is well known for and the Strictly stars do so well. Music is so important, there are so many beautiful tunes from. If you like music you will love to dance. All the dances have their own characters, you will soon find out which your favourites are so many to choose from. Quickstep is very popular, happy music, the Cha Cha Cha is a cheeky dance, Rumba the dance of love, Foxtrot romantic. To learn a new skill with a partner has so many benefits. As well as the social side meeting new people, when the music starts and you can put the steps you have been taught to music gives a great feeling of achievement and pleasure.

It would be very good if, when filming Strictly to see the contestants in their first hour lesson. It would not be that different from the basics that are covered in beginners’ class, they would be making the same mistakes as everyone else does on week one.

It is the most wonderful hobby, if you do decide to join a beginner’s class you will see what enjoyment it can bring.
Let 2023 be the year that you started your dancing journey.

Janina Mossman
Principal Of Nene School of Dancing
07931 214211