“Keep Dancing”

Bruce and Monika Gwynne Receive Ballroom Dancing Medal

Bruce and Monika Gwynne Receive Ballroom Dancing Medal From Janina Mossman

A small advertisement for in the local paper started us on a “dance” journey, which continues to this day.

We had the good fortune to join Janina’s dance classes for beginners, and later, at her suggestion, we started working towards our medals in both Modern Ballroom and Latin dances.

Whilst the social side of dancing is certainly a lot of fun, we enjoy this technical aspect of dancing involved in medal work very much. Although, at times, it is challenging, Janina is always patient and makes it fun, never boring.

In the picture we are receiving our Gold Star 1 medal for Ballroom. There are plenty more to come so we’ll be busy for a while yet. The journey continues!

Dancing, for both young and old, is a wonderful way to have fun, learn new skills, keep fit and agile, and meet lots of new friends.

Monika and Bruce Gwynne