Dance: The Complete Exercise For Body And Mind

Learning to dance can bring huge physical and mental benefits as well as being great fun. The health benefits are well established

Increased Strength And Physical Fitness

Being a weight bearing exercise excellent for toning muscles and bones. Dancing provides a good cardio- vascular workout without being strenuous or the need to go to the gym.

Improved Memory

Recent research has determined that dance is the best exercise for the brain. Co-ordination with steps, keeping in time with the music is all provided by learning to dance and enhances brain power.

Flexibility And Balance

Ballroom dancing can improve your posture and at the same time improving muscle tone, stamina, balance and core strength.


When joining a class you will be mixing with people who have the same interest, making friends and having fun lifts the spirits and improves self-confidence. A pastime that spans all walks of life and is great for all ages.

If any of this appeals to you then please do join the Nene School of Dancing in their next Ballroom and Latin beginners course starting on Friday April 13th 8-30pm-9-30pm please contact Janina to enrol
01778 590655 or 07931214211