Saturday Social Dances

Nene School Of Dancing Saturday Social Dance

Nene School Of Dancing Saturday Social Dance

Saturday social dances are £6 pp and located at either the Manor Farm Community Centre, 70 High Street, Eye, PE6 7UY and run from 19.30-22.30 or at United Reform Church Hall, 28-29 Broad Street, Stamford PE9 1PJ and run from 19.30-22.30.

Occasional special events are run at the Parkway Club Maskew Avenue, Peterborough PE1 2AS times as specified.

Where stated, when an organist is present the cost will increase to £9.50pp.

A bar is available at this venue. Please follow this link to view our Sunday social dances.

Peterborough Social Dances
Dates For 2018
April 14th 7-30-10-30pm
May 19th red and white theme to celebrate royal wedding
June 23rd 7-30-10-30pm
No July
No Aug
Sept 29th 7-30-10-30pm
Oct 27th 7-30-10-30 pm
Nov 24th 7-30-10-30pm
Dec 22nd Richard Keeling party Night
January 1st Parkway New Year dance Richard Keeling 2019

Stamford Saturday Social Dances
Dates For 2018
May 12th Sat 7-30-10-30pm
July 21st Saturday 7-30-10-30pm

Please contact Janina if you have any questions.